Up for grabs

Hey guys. This community is officially up for grabs for anyone who wants it.

Photobucket deleted my account, and to be bluntly honest I really dont feel like going through and posting everything again under a different name.

Comment if you want the community and it's membership base, mates. I hope you all keep updating here, and I'll be more than thrilled if this thing keeps a'growin.


God damn.

Guys, we have a problem.

Due to the apparent popularity of this community and BoysToys, my photobucket account has been overused.

Hence the lack of photos.

So here's whats gonna happen. Sorry about this whole situation.
I'm gonna set all of those other things on hidden for a while. I'm making another account, so I'll keep updating from there.

I'm really sorry about all of this!

I need you guys to keep updating though, so that the community doesnt die during this little...issue.

Sorry again!

And hey, for all of you with photos, please do update! We love seeing them!


Hello all!

Image hosted by

This community is dedicated to those who love locker rooms. However, we arent restricting it to just that. We are obsessed with...

- Showers
- Naked Sports
- Pools
- Anything involving water

Of course, we love other stuff, but there are other communities for that, no?
So be sure to read the community rules, and enjoy!

For the record: All of the pictures below this entry were from the livejournal community, BoysToys. So enjoy those too, and pay a visit to that community.